Volunteer Agreement and Release Form


All C-HOPE volunteers are expected to maintain confidentiality while volunteering for/with C-HOPE. This includes treating all participant information as personal and confidential, regardless of source and refraining from discussing participant progress, behavior, and other confidential information with anyone outside the program. I understand that volunteering with C-HOPE is a privilege and not a right. C-HOPE reserves the right to deny or remove any volunteer violating confidentiality or program policy. By signing this agreement, I am stating that I understand and will adhere to the expectations stated above.


By signing below, I give C-HOPE permission to use photographs and audio and/or video recordings of me for fundraising and/or marketing purposes, including promotional videos, websites, brochures, newsletters, and similar marketing materials/media. C-HOPE respects the privacy of its volunteers and does not knowingly allow unauthorized visitors to take images of volunteers.


By signing below, I assume no ownership of any product I produce, assist with producing, develop, or create in my role of C-HOPE volunteer. This includes sales of projects that showcase the talent of C-HOPE participants, as well as any role I may assume in program/curriculum development.


I hereby release and hold harmless C-HOPE, Inc., its officers, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers, participants, heirs, executors, and assigns from all liability for personal injury, including death, as well as all property damage or loss arising out of my participation in any C-HOPE or C-HOPE affiliated program and any travel/transportation related to said programs, whether paid for by myself or by C-HOPE. I understand that this release and indemnification releases liability for the conduct of C-HOPE and its officers, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers, participants, heirs, executors, and assigns.


By initialing the boxes below, I confirm I have read and understand each of the sections above.
The undersigned consents to participate with C-HOPE as a volunteer.
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