C-HOPE has a variety of programs designed for the social, adaptive, recreational, and vocational interests of adults, age 18+. Unless otherwise specified, C-HOPE programs are open to all!

Please note: Due to the nature of C-HOPE programming, care and attention has been given to ensure our programs are accessible to all individuals, including those with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.

Afternoon Club

The Afternoon Club is open to all individuals 18+ transitioning out of high school and focuses primarily on social and adaptive skill development in an engaging, dynamic, and supported environment. This program is also appropriate for individuals who have transitioned out of school whose interests are aligned with the activities and opportunities this program provides. The overarching goal of this program is to develop participants’ social skills, functional abilities, and job readiness skills in a way that balances skill development with recreation. This program is designed by a team of professionals in the fields of speech-language pathology, special education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and social work.

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This program provides 1:1 Participant - Volunteer support in order to meet the needs of participants with a wide range of abilities. C-HOPE proudly partners with local colleges and universities to recruit volunteers, most often students studying related professions. This places our organization in a great position to help train the service providers of tomorrow!

Community Engagement is critical to C-HOPE’s vision. Throughout the year, the Afternoon Club schedule includes community events such as Farmers Markets, craft shows, business outreach events, and service projects.

For additional information, including registration materials, please contact: 716-912-5111

Soft Skills

The Soft Skills program is open to all individuals 18+ and focuses on the intangible but necessary qualities that enable people to work effectively with others.

Soft skills are presented during tutorial sessions, applied with supervision during workshops, and ultimately transferred to a community setting at semester’s end, with administrative oversight. Over the course of each semester, progress is tracked and documented to target specific skills.

This program uses original curriculum, developed specifically for this population. One-to-one participant-clinical intern support is provided to meet the needs of participants with a wide range of abilities.


Vocation Exploration

Vocation Exploration is the companion program to our Soft Skills Program where participants have the opportunity to apply their soft skills at a community internship with a C-HOPE business partner. Business partners will be carefully selected and participants will have options from which to select. Participants may use their own support staff, but C-HOPE will provide training for up to 3 staff per participant. Progress will be monitored to target specific skills.

By the conclusion of this four semester program, participants will have developed soft skills, gained on-the-job experience, and created a professional resume highlighting their accomplishments.

This program serves as a pipeline to service work and paid employment but does not guarantee paid employment at its conclusion.


Literacy Initiative

C-HOPE has concluded the pilot literacy project in conjunction with SUNY Buffalo State.


We believe literacy development is particularly important for individuals with developmental disabilities and other challenging life circumstances as it can provide social and vocational opportunities which may result in a more independent and fulfilling life.

This program is offered in conjunction with SUNY Buffalo State. To determine eligibility, an assessment will be conducted by appointment on the Buffalo State campus. As a result of our partnership with SUNY Buffalo State, we are currently able to offer this initial assessment and pilot program tuition-free.

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We know the success of our programs is dependent upon the talented and dedicated group of volunteers who work closely with our participants to help them develop the skills they need to lead more independent lives and reach their full potential.

A hallmark of C-HOPE programming is our 1:1 Participant - Volunteer model. This 1:1 model allows us to meet the needs of individuals with a broad range of abilities, while creating a dynamic, integrated environment.

C-HOPE proudly partners with local colleges and universities to recruit students studying related professions to serve as volunteers. In addition to valuable experience, students earn clinical hours, course credit hours, and/or service hours, depending on their college’s established agreement with C-HOPE. Link to academic partners. C-HOPE is privileged to play a role in helping train the service providers of tomorrow.

Licensed, practicing, or retired specialists in fields related to health, vocational training, or related services for individuals with development disabilities are encouraged to become C-HOPE volunteers.

I want to volunteer

C-HOPE also encourages all community members, including high school students, seniors, family members, and friends to join the C-HOPE family of volunteers!

Volunteer assignments include:

  • Assisting participants with assembly of projects, helping them develop skills they need for employment and independent living
  • Aiding participants with reading, writing, speaking, and other forms of communication
  • Supporting participants at community events with functional skill development
  • Leading and participating in socialization and other recreational activities with participants
  • Program and curriculum development
  • Research and data analysis
  • Volunteer recruiting
  • Fundraising and special events

For additional information, including Volunteer Application, please contact: 716-912-5111

We rise by lifting others. -Robert Ingersoll

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