You have a developmental disability.

You’re done with high school.

What now?

When they turn 21, people with developmental and intellectual disabilities no longer can receive services from their local school district. As a result, many of these people end up spending the rest of their lives at home with family or on their own with limited opportunities for further development. Others may stay busy with traditional day habilitation programs.

But like all of us, they need to learn and grow. To enjoy socializing with peers. To have fun recreational opportunities. To gain new skills that allow them to do rewarding volunteer work or secure paid employment. To form meaningful connections and be contributing members of the community.

That’s why C-HOPE was created. C-HOPE offers adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities and other challenging life circumstances structured vocational training programs and social and recreational opportunities to develop the skills for independent living. Programs are led by experienced professionals with academic credentials in occupational therapy, special education, speech- language pathology, physical therapy, social work or other relevant specialties. Every participant is paired with a trained volunteer that provides them with the level of support that meets their individual needs.

  • Some participants can pay for these programs using self-directed services funds while others may have families with the financial resources to pay privately.
  • Unfortunately, many people with these disabilities and challenges have the need for these programs but lack the means to cover the costs. That’s where you come in.
  • The C-HOPE Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to low-income adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities and other challenging life circumstances. Your contributions, either monthly or one-time, can make it possible for these people to receive the training and supports they need to enjoy a full, meaningful life.

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